Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment
Particularly committed to the preservation of the environment, PONANT minimizes its impact on the planet with ships purpose-built to reduce their footprint and a philosophy of respect and protection of the world. With a resolute desire to be the leader in this field, Ponant pursues a strong ecological policy each and every day that includes:

- Environmental regulatory compliance of operations and anticipation of new regulations that are likely to have an impact on activities,

- Implementation of best practices in recycling and reuse of solid waste and wastewater,

-Certification of ships by the international “Clean Ship” label, which certifies minimal environmental impact,

- Use of green equipment on Ponant’s four sister ships, such as a quiet and economical electric propulsion system, MDO (Marine Diesel Oil) engines, which are lighter and produce less pollution, and a sonar sand-bank detection system,

- The pursuit of energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions,

- Development of techniques, procedures, and partnerships in order to preserve marine biodiversity and the coastal environment and to respect the communities that Ponant visits.

A signatory of the La Charte Bleue d’Armateurs de France, PONANT is also a member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), working to safeguard flora and fauna in the most sensitive climates through the adoption of responsible behavior.

A CSR Approach

Since 2014, PONANT has adopted a CSR policy and is committed, through measures and regular checks, to:

- Excelling in health and safety management

- Taking good care of the staff

- Applying best practices in terms of environmental protection to the entirety of its supply chain


Fluid lines, a streamlined bow: the exterior of Ponant's ships reflect the spirit of a subtle nautical theme.

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